ERP system learning and training
Gordon is training for the launch of the ERP system
2021-8-19 8:43:28
6S management training
In order to promote the development of the company. Gordon Sports has implemented 6S management Since June this year. After about two months of training integration, we can see the initial results
2021-8-18 17:09:57
New forecast in August
New Hula Hoop is going to launch in August. Each one is so fascinating. Let’s look forward to it together!
2021-8-9 9:19:36
How to choose the indoor fitness equipment
Winter is coming, the weather is cold, I want to go to the gym to exercise, but the fitness equipment is more, how to choose suits own fitness equipment?
2018-12-18 11:01:54
Sporting goods association professional co
On December 12, Beijing time, the general meeting of fitness equipment committee of China sports goods association was held in Shanghai westin hotel.Held the meeting, means China sporting goods federation officially launched fitness equipment professional committee, the committee work aims to further enhance and improve the fitness equipment industry in our country's overall strength and level of development, strengthen self-discipline and consciously regulate the industry, push forward the healthy and benign development of fitness equipment industry.
2018-12-18 10:56:54
Sporting goods classification
In view of the professional and amateur nature of sports;Entertaining and competitive;Medical physical education and general physical exercise;The difference between social sports and mass sports can be divided into:
2018-12-18 10:51:44


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