Sporting goods classification

In view of the professional and amateur nature of sports;Entertaining and competitive;Medical physical education and general physical exercise;The difference between social sports and mass sports can be divided into: 

1. Fitness equipment and apparatus;Aikang treadmills, treadmills, etc. 

2. Campus sports equipment: pommel horse, shot put, javelin, high jump, starter, solid ball, starting gun, etc 

3. Recreational and sports equipment;Grip force, arm force, etc. 

4. Supplies for competition events;Such as: football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, tennis, baseball, softball, squash, bowling, billiards, golf, and go, chess, poker, and other items supplies. 

5. Sports protective equipment;Such as ski goggles, wrist and knee protection, protective glasses, cycling glasses, basketball glasses, etc. 

6. Sportswear;Such as sports gloves, sports shoes, socks, sports clothing, sports cap, sports accessories. 

7. Outdoor sports and leisure products;Such as tent, sleeping bag, folding chair, climbing bag, sports watch, telescope, etc. 

8. Sports venues;Such as venue facilities, venue facilities, playground facilities, venue lighting, sound, etc. 

9. Other sporting goods;Such as sports nutrition, sports drinks, souvenirs, trophies, MEDALS, sports books, sports magazines, sports audio and video products. 

Among them sports equipment is to point to commonly: have some kind of special purpose or the apparatus with more precise construction.Such as treadmills, barbells.

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