Sporting goods association professional committee of the fitness equipment, general meeting be held
On December 12, Beijing time, the general meeting of fitness equipment committee of China sports goods association was held in Shanghai westin hotel.Held the meeting, means China sporting goods federation officially launched fitness equipment professional committee, the committee work aims to further enhance and improve the fitness equipment industry in our country's overall strength and level of development, strengthen self-discipline and consciously regulate the industry, push forward the healthy and benign development of fitness equipment industry.

Throughout the world, the sports industry, sports industry developed European and American countries, the fitness industry in traditional the dividing line of shoes, clothing, equipment, occupies a considerable proportion. China as the largest sports consumer market, 08 Olympic Games, the national fitness cause was underway, the development of the fitness industry in China is a vast, but potentially huge market demand has not really been released. State general administration of sports equipment center exhibition department, China sporting goods industry association deputy secretary-general Roger said: the last two years, the domestic entire fitness equipment industry development is not ideal, the domestic market there is no increase in expected economic capacity, foreign markets have improved but failed to show the trend of rapid development, and competition is more and more fierce. Industry technical level is not high to low entry barriers, many sports brand in the development of the original production line at the same time, also to participate in the fitness equipment category, industry competition is intense.

Combined with the fitness industry current development present situation, in order to further implement the federation for the member enterprise service tenet, China sporting goods industry federation reshaping "fitness equipment professional committee", carry out the work of association professional committee as a starting point, to enhance the communication within the enterprise, strengthen the union of cohesion, play to the leading enterprise in the industry leading role, the leading role in the organization, and to create a self perfect platform for industry. Chose fitness equipment professional committee as the lead in reform, deputy director of the state general administration of sports equipment center Peng Xiao think fitness industry in sporting goods size is larger, the industry development momentum is good and communication more positive factor is the main reason, and to promote the industry development to promote the development of health enterprise has become the industry consensus.

Fitness equipment professional committee will focus on the following several aspects:
(a) to assist the fitness industry and the national communication between government departments.
(2) to strengthen domestic and international fitness industry production, sales and scientific research enterprise, the relation between information data collected domestic and international fitness industry, to provide professional committee member of industry production, trade, technology, such as information, carry out information service.
(3) to carry out the international technical exchanges, learning and the introduction of international advanced production technology and service standards.
(4) to promote to the world, promote the fitness industry in our country, to assist the member unit to broaden the international sales channels, enhance the international competitive ability of our country's fitness industry.
(5) organizational members to participate in the fitness industry related exhibition abroad, shaping and promote a good image of our country's fitness industry in the world.
(6) member units of the independent intellectual property rights protection, oppose and reject ACTS of unfair competition.
(7) cooperate with federation in the fitness industry product quality standard collection, drafting, discussion, and jitc work, formulate industry standards and national standards of fitness equipment in our country, in order to improve the overall strength of service in the industry in China.
(eight) regular member communication, fellowship activities, issuing annual bulletin, organizing industry professional BBS.

Fitness equipment professional committee, director of the committee by the Chinese sporting goods industry association deputy secretary-general, director Roger, from good families, impulse and BH, head of the eight companies such as elected deputy director, business representatives have said will be depending on the healthy development of the industry as own duty, strive for to independent technology innovation to improve the competitiveness of China's national brand in the international market.
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